Leading Change in an Uncertain World

To consistently stay ahead, we need to have future-focused, innovative leaders who understand, but are unafraid to take risks. Leaders can’t stand still, or they will be overtaken. They themselves have to keep nurturing their passion, renewing their vision, retooling their competencies and redeveloping their character. They have to innovate and do it creatively – not just to keep up with the competition, but also to constantly recreate themselves.

In this course, we will examine the Meta Framework that has been used effectively in helping leaders and businesses transform, they are:

  • Mapping the Plan;
  • Encouraging the Relationships;
  • Transposing into Action; and
  • Analyzing the Implementation

Session Titles:

  1. Changing Tomorrow Today
  2. Innovating Change: An Unending Quest
  3. The M.E.T.A. Framework
  4. E – Encouraging the Heart
  5. T – Transposing into Action
  6. A – Analyzing the Implementation
Course Length

Minutes: 92
Sessions: 6
Actions: 83

Chief Content Creator

Dr. John Ng

Dr Ng is Chief Passionary Officer, Meta Consulting, specializing in leadership development and hospitality consultancy. His expertise includes leadership coaching, team effectiveness and change management. He has over 25 years of consultancy and training experience with top corporations, academic institutions and NPOs. He also founded Eagles Mediation & Counseling Centre.


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