What are your courses like?

Our courses are hosted on a micro-learning platform, Gnowbe, which is an SaaS tool that enables learning on-the-go with a native mobile experience.

NEXLeaders courses are categorized based on our unique leadership development model:

Leading Self:
Leadership starts with the self; appreciating our uniqueness, esteem needs, calling, talents, gifts, as well as our strengths and weaknesses. We need to embrace good values and healthy perspectives to grow ourselves.

Leading Others:
Leadership involves people. We are who we are because of significant others. We are products of our families, employers, peers, and our subordinates. We need to learn how to relate, communicate, inspire and influence others.

Leading Organizations:
Leading corporations involves developing competencies to plan strategy, lead change, deal with crisis, monitor performance etc.

Leading Family:
Corporate and family are so integrated today. One affects the other. Hence the need to help build strong marriage and family because leadership stems from that.

How are you different from other e-learning tools?

Our goal is personal, relational and organizational transformation.

NEXLeaders.com is powered by Gnowbe, E-Learning 4.0. We call this MPPG:

Mobile-First: All our courses are crafted for mobile learning on the smart phone.

Personal: We want to make the learning very personal and informal so that the learners are engaged.

Participatory: We involve the learners in the learning through reading, watching videos, sharing quotes, doing quizzes, conducting pollings, snapping pictures/videos, using assessments, and sharing in group forums.

Group-Based: We believe that the best way to grow is to learn as a group with a learning community.


We are nurturing leaders to embrace value-based leadership. The values we are inculcating are:

Leaders who are courageous and walk their talk.

Leaders who are other-focused and inclusive, engaging multi-generations.

Leaders who are agile, adaptable and able to execute their vision.

Leaders who are accountable to trusted peers.

How do you compare NEXLeaders.com to Traditional Learning Seminars? Will your courses be as impactful as training workshops?

Absolutely! Our courses are hosted on Gnowbe which supports social sharing as well as interactive elements that help replicate a workshop-like experience.

You may refer here for a detailed comparison between NEXLeaders.com and Traditional Learning Seminars.

What are the suite of courses in the pipeline?

There will be 30 courses made available by May 1, 2020, covering a wide selection of topics by thought-leaders and industry practitioners.

We are producing three courses every month. Keep your eyes peeled for these courses which are coming soon this year:

      1. Preventing Escalation in Conflict: Understanding Levels of Conflict
      2. Thinking Ahead to Prepare for the Future
      3. How to Grow Your Money for the Long-Term?
      4. Curing Addictions: Possible Or Impossible?
      5. Developing Value-Based Talent for Your Organization
      6. Avoiding Misery at Work: Cascading Values in Organization
      7. Value-Based Selling: Nurturing Satisfied Customers to Become Your Advocates
      8. Service Excellence for Hotels
      9. Managing Transitions
      10. How to Speak So People Really Listen: Communicating Effectively
      11. The Future Leader: Authentic, Agile and Accountable
      12. Forging Partnerships Beyond Transactions
What is your pricing model?

Individual courses are priced at S$4.99/month (billed annually), and our entire, growing library of courses are accessible in a suite subscription, priced at just S$17.99/month (billed annually)!

How is NEXLeaders subscription like? Is there any monthly subscription plan available?

Our individual courses or suite (full library of courses) are purchased through a yearly subscription.

Unfortunately, we do not offer a monthly subscription plan for our courses.

How long does my subscription last? How do you calculate the one-year subscription?

Your subscription will last for 365 days (e.g. Jan 1, 2020 to Dec 31, 2020)

How is the subscription payment like? After purchase, can I cancel my subscription anytime?

By purchasing an Annual Subscription, you agree to an initial pre-payment for one full year of service. After one year and annually thereafter, you will be billed a recurring Annual Subscription renewal fee at the then-current Annual Subscription rate. We will notify you before the renewal fee is billed. You may cancel your Annual Subscription anytime before the next billing cycle, subject to the terms of our cancellation policy.

If I want to sign up for a group, do I use the same payment page as individual sign-up?

Yes. You can make one payment on the same payment page. Please give us all their names and emails as soon as possible so that we can activate their accounts.

Why must I sign up individual accounts? Can I use one name for all subscriptions?
  1. Each learner requires a unique login ID.
  2. This allows each learner to have a record of their actions and inputs as well as participate as an individual in sharing, discussions, leader board etc.
  3. If you don’t have individuals to nominate right now, you can provide their full names and email IDs at a later date.
  4. If the individual leaves the organization, he/she may change the name and email of their Gnowbe account.
What's the minimum number in a closed group (that allows participants in the group to share content and learning as a group)?

The minimum for a closed group is 20.

What's the advantages or benefits of having a closed group?

1. You learn as a closed group where you can share your reflections, learnings and post images and photos, etc. You learn and share as a community. This will enhance the learning.
2. The organization will also be able to use their dashboard specially set up for them, to monitor the progress and track the participants’ activities and learning.
3. There is also a gamification feature whereby participants in the group can encourage each other to learn together.

Who are your Content Creators i.e. course faculty?

1. Prof. Neo Boon Siong, Former Dean, NTU Business School
2. B/Gen (Retired) Lawrence Leong Yue-Kwong, Deputy CEO, Mandai
3. Mr. Arthur Kiong, Group CEO, Far East Hospitality
4. Dr. Ang Yong Guan, Psychiatrist, Ang Yong Guan Psychiatry; Former Chief Consultant Psychiatrist, SAF
5. Mr. Benny Ong, Founder, LPA Associates
6. Dr. Cynthia Hiang, Former Group HR Director, OCBC
7. Mr. Mervyn Sirisena, Chair, SIAEP/APLUS; Former Senior Vice-President, Singapore Airlines
8. Mr. Michael Tan, President, Eagles Communications
9. Mr. Eric Lee, Founder, Career Transitions
10. Paul McGee, Best-Selling Author and Motivational Speaker
11. Mr. Jeffrey Goh, Founder & Motivational Trainer, Training Link Resources
12. M/s May Kuah, Former Marketing Director
13. Dr. John Ng, Chief Passionary Officer, Meta Consulting
14. Mr. Johnny Cheng, Manager, SAESL
15. Mr. Phoon Yew Sang, Former Senior Director, ING Insurance

When I subscribe to a single course, can I change my course after one year?

You can subscribe to another course on our website after one year, paying for the single course fee.
Alternatively, you can keep the course with updated material.

If not, you can download your course into a workbook (only applicable in the Gnowbe desktop version at https://web.gnowbe.com/) to archive your learning.
A better cost-saving idea is for you to subscribe for the whole suite for one year and still keep the course content which you have participated.

If I choose not to renew my subscription the following year, will i still get access to the suite or course I purchased previously?

Your access to the NEXLeaders suite or course will remain as long as your subscription has not expired. You may choose to renew your subscription if you wish to retain access to the suite or course.

Can I swap my paid course with another course, during my subscription period?

Unfortunately, you are unable to do so. To get access to a new course, you will have to purchase an additional subscription on our website for that course.

If I have any technical question when using the app, who do I contact?

In Gnowbe, shake the phone to give feedback, report bugs or ask questions. For other technical enquiries, please email [email protected].

What are your privacy policy terms?

You may refer to the privacy policy from Gnowbe (our mobile micro-learning platform), here.

What is SkillsFuture Credit?

SkillsFuture Credit aims to encourage individual ownership of skills development and lifelong learning. Introduced in 2015, all Singaporeans aged 25 and above will receive an opening credit of S$500.

  • All Singaporeans aged 25 years and above:
    • S$500 opening credit
    • Claimable for a wide range of SkillsFuture Credit-eligible courses
    • Does not expire
  • All Singaporeans who are 25 years or above by 31 Dec 2020:
    • One-time S$500 credit top-up
    • Claimable for courses from the IHLs and NTUC LearningHub from 1 Apr 2020
    • Claimable for full range of SkillsFuture Credit-eligible courses from 1 Oct 2020
    • Expires on 31 Dec 2025
  • All Singaporeans who are 40 to 60 years by 31 Dec 2020:
    • Additional one-off special S$500 credit
    • Claimable for a selected list of courses (to be announced)
    • With effect from 1 Oct 2020
    • Expires on 31 Dec 2025
What can I use it for?

Your SkillsFuture Credit can be used for eligible courses by NEXLeaders.com.

How do I use it?

Step 1: Go to ‘SkillsFuture Eligible Courses’.
Step 2: Choose your bundle or single course.
Step 4: You will be re-directed to Gnowbe cart. Click on ‘Buy with SkillsFuture credit’, and key in your details.
Step 5: Clicking ‘proceed’ will lead you to the Singpass website.
Step 6: Enter your Singpass details and you will be directed to the SkillsFuture page.
Step 7: SkillsFuture Credit page will allow you to decide on the amount of SkillsFuture credit to be used, fully or partially.
Step 8: If SkillsFuture Credit is claimed in full, you will be registered for the course. If partial claim is made, you will be directed to pay the remaining amount via credit card to complete SkillsFuture application.

Why are some courses not available for SkillsFuture Credit?

SkillsFuture Singapore Agency is the body to approve or disapprove courses. For more information, please refer to skillsfuture.sg.

What if I have insufficient balance in my SkillsFuture Credit? Can I still buy your courses?

Please refer to the above question, ‘How do I use it?’, steps 7 & 8.

Have more questions? Email us at [email protected].