What are your courses like?

Our courses are hosted on a micro-learning platform, Gnowbe, which is an SaaS tool that enables learning on-the-go with a native mobile experience.

How are you different from other e-learning tools?

We are nurturing leaders to embrace value-based leadership. The values we are inculcating:

Leaders who are courageous and walk their talk.

Leaders who are other-focused and inclusive, engaging multi-generations.

Leaders who are agile, adaptable and able to execute their vision.

Leaders who are accountable to trusted peers.

We enable learning on-the-go with a native mobile experience. Our emphasis is on active learning and learner engagement.

Our aim was to replicate the in-person workshop experience as closely as possible so we focus on Learn, Think, Apply, Share. Most e-learning or online courses focus primarily on Learn.

What is your pricing model?

Our entire library is available for S$149/year or S$14.9/month.

The Founding Member Promo was available till Aug 31, 2019. As our founding members, we are deeply grateful for your support, and you will therefore be able to renew your annual subscription at the same price of S$99/year or S$9.9/month.

Will your courses be as impactful as a physical leadership training workshop?

Absolutely! Our courses are hosted on Gnowbe which supports social sharing as well as interactive elements that help replicate a workshop-like experience.

What are the suite of courses in the pipeline?

There will be 36 courses made available at the end of April 2020, covering these topics created by thought-leaders and industry practitioners.

We are producing three courses every month.

We want to be the Netflix for Value-Based Leadership: Humility, Authenticity, Creativity and Accountability.

  1. Leading a High-Performing Team
  2. How to be Agile in A Disruptive World
  3. The Future Leader: Authentic, Agile & Accountable
  4. How to Think Ahead in a Disruptive World
  5. How to Think Again in a Disruptive World
  6. How to Think Across in a Disruptive World
  7. Lessons from Asian CEOs 1
  8. Lessons from Asian CEOs 2
  9. Leading Change in An Uncertain World
  10. Appreciating The Brain In Leadership
  11. Personality and Personality Disorder In Leadership
  12. Turning Crisis Into Opportunity
  13. Dim Sum for Great Marriages 1
  14. Dim Sum for Great Marriages 2
  15. Preventing Toxicity in Leadership
  16. How to Do Value-Based Selling
  17. Managing Diversity
How long does my subscription last (e.g. if I signed up Sep 15, 2019)?

Your subscription will last for 365 days (e.g. Sep 15, 2019 to Sep 14, 2020)

If I want to sign up 20 Pax for my company, do I use the same payment page as individual sign-up?

Yes. You can make one payment on the same payment page. Please give us all their names and emails as soon as possible so that we can activate their accounts.

Why must I sign up individual accounts? Can I use one name for all subscriptions?
  1. Each learner requires a unique login ID
  2. This allows each learner to have a record of their actions and inputs as well as participate as an individual in sharing, discussions, leader board etc
  3. If you don’t have individuals to nominate right now, you can provide their full names and email IDs at a later date
  4. If the individual leaves the organisation, he/she may change the name and email of their Gnowbe account.
What's minimum number in a closed group (that allows participants in the group to share content and learning as a group)?

The minimum for a closed group is 20.

What's the advantages or benefits of having a closed group?

1. You learn as a closed group where you can share your reflections, learnings and post images and photos, etc. You learn and share as a community. This will enhance the learning.
2. The organization will also be able to use their dashboard specially set up for them, to monitor the progress and track the participants’ activities and learning.
3. There is also a gamification feature whereby participants in the group can encourage each other to learn together.

If I have any technical question, who do I contact?

In Gnowbe, shake the phone to give feedback, report bugs or ask questions. For other technical enquiries, please email support@gnowbe.com.

Who are your Content Creators i.e. course faculty?

1. Neo Boon Siong
2. Lawrence Leong
3. Arthur Kiong
4. Ang Yong Guan
5. Benny Ong
6. Cynthia Hiang
7. Mervyn Sirisena
8. Michael Tan

Have more questions? Email us at info@nexleaders.com.