NEXLeaders.com is a micro-mobile learning platform in partnership with Gnowbe to consistently engage with learners to change their mindsets and transform the work culture.


The Movement to Mobilize Value-Based Leaders to Transform the Workplace
and Impact Communities.

Learn Smart

Bite-Size, User-Friendly, Learning On-The-Go: Access instantly to a growing library of courses, one module at a time, anytime, anywhere, at an affordable price.

Learn Ahead

Interactive-Community, Access to Value-Based Experts: Interact with industry thought-leaders and value-based practitioners through their cutting-edged content, together with other leaders.

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Relevant, Trackable, Certificated Courses: Gain fresh perspectives and garner new skills by tracking personal progress and be rewarded with certificates of achievement.

Who are Value-Based leaders?


Leaders who are courageous and walk their talk.


Leaders who are other-focused and inclusive, engaging multi-generations.


Leaders who are agile, adaptable and able to execute their vision.


Leaders who are accountable to trusted peers.

Meet the team

Faculty Members

Dr John Ng
Dr John Ng

Chief Content Creator, NEXLeaders.com
Chief Passionary Officer, Meta Consulting

John has distilled valuable lessons for achieving your potential, drawn from years of extensive interviews with thought-leaders. His astute observations, personal experiences and careful research will provide a concise guide to cultivating your passion, excellence and resilience in life. Having coached many individuals to their full potential, John now shares in this micro-learning series his knowledge and experience with the clear aim of unleashing your greatness through the power of self-leadership.


Serene Chua
Serene Chua

Founder, Kaepeak Pte Ltd

Serene is a passionate, trained and experienced Systems Thinking and Design Thinking leader and curriculum designer who believes in life-long learning; committed to nurturing and growing the next generation. She served in the Republic of Singapore Navy for 28 years and was awarded the National Day award (Commendation Medal) as she was the first and only female Squadron Commander. A professional, committed, highly motivated and result-oriented Naval Officer who has held several senior positions leading operations and strategic management projects in training, capability development, Organisation Excellence and policy formulation.

Angeline Koh
Angeline Koh

Story Coach, Founder, Tyros Global

Angeline is a lifelong learner and Gnowbe Content Instructional Designer. She calls herself a digital immigrant caught in a digital native world. She loves coaching non-techie individuals, marketplace professionals and communities caught in this digital divide to connect and communicate through stories and design. More at https://tyros.sg/Your-Story-Coach

Leela Jesudason
Leela Jesudason

Leela is an independent marketing communications strategist who has worked through various levels of communications; from writing and editing lifestyle and business magazines and newspapers, as well as having extensive experience in growing and developing various global brands in the SEAsian and International contexts. She has put to use her training in cross-cultural communications and understanding of consumer behaviour to running local and global marketing teams.