NEXLeaders.com is a micro-mobile learning platform in partnership with Gnowbe to consistently engage with learners to change their mindsets and transform the work culture.


The Movement to Mobilize Value-Based Leaders to Transform the Workplace
and Impact Communities.

Nurture Values

Interacting with value-based thought-leaders, industry experts and role-model practitioners by inculcating authenticity, humility, creativity and community.

Engage Hearts

Learning from bite-sized, impactful, highly interactive content aimed at behavior transformation.

Xchange Ideas

Building practicing communities by encouraging learners to share their perspectives in closed groups and forums with blended learning opportunities.

Who are Value-Based leaders?


Leaders who are courageous and walk their talk.


Leaders who are other-focused and inclusive, engaging multi-generations.


Leaders who are agile, adaptable and able to execute their vision.


Leaders who are accountable to trusted peers.