Leadership in Crisis Management

Crisis management is becoming more relevant and important to today’s businesses – with the growth of social media, damaging news would be made public within minutes.

This course gives you all you need to know to prepare for the inevitable, from industrial accidents to environmental disasters, and protects your organization from the devastating impact of potential crises.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:
1. identify the 5 characteristics of crisis;
2. describe and explain 3 stages that form the framework for crisis management;
3. understand the scale of probability of scenarios to help plan for potential crisis;
4. define the four-step approach to timely decision-making in a crisis;
5. identify characteristics of good crisis leaders;
6. understand the 4 principles of effective crisis communications, and
7. define 5 areas of preparation for your media spokesperson

Session Titles

  1. What is Crisis Management?
  2. Stage 1 Preparation & Planning
  3. Stage 2 Mitigation & Recovery
  4. Stage 3 Resolution & Improvement
  5. Leadership in Managing a Crisis
  6. Learning from Past Pitfalls
  7. Effective Crisis Communications
Course Length

Minutes: 89
Sessions: 7
Actions: 84

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Lawrence Leong

Lawrence Leong served 30 years in Singapore Armed Forces, retiring as Brigadier General and 10 years with Singapore Tourism Board. He had served as Military Adviser to the Permanent Mission of United Nations in peacekeeping and disaster relief. He was the Project Director for the inaugural Formula One Night Race.


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