How to Think Again to Transform the Organization

We are living in an age fraught with disruption and unprecedented market turbulence. Business transformation in our world now revolves around the importance of generating new value through leveraging new opportunities to drive growth.

No real organizational transformation can take place unless its leaders are willing to challenge the status quo and embark on a fundamental re-think of its performance, purpose, policies, portfolio and processes.

You can expect these learning outcomes from the course:

  • find ways to grow new business
  • anticipate disruption
  • take advantage of disruption to accelerate growth
  • acquire agility and discipline to stay ahead

Session Titles:

  1. Why Do You Need to Think Again?
  2. How to Think Again, Systemically
  3. How to Review Business Performance
  4. How to Reconsider Purpose
  5. How to Reinvent Policies: Challenge Rules and Assumptions
  6. How to Reconfigure A Strategic Portfolio
  7. How to Redesign Business Processes
  8. Conclusion and Application
Course Length

Minutes: 70
Sessions: 8
Actions: 67

Content Creator

Neo Boon Siong

Prof Neo has 38 years of experience in accounting and finance, information systems, strategy, research, business consulting, management education and corporate governance. He has served on government committees and corporate boards. He received a Public Administration Medal (Silver) from the President of Singapore in the 1999 National Day Honors Awards.


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