How To Be Agile In A Disruptive World

We live in a world of accelerated change and increasing unpredictability. The issues we grapple with, and the way forward is far from clear. Yet, leaders are still expected to provide direction and create value for stakeholders.

New technologies have also opened up new opportunities and options never before available. We need new mindsets and capabilities to navigate successfully in this disruptive world.

How do leaders make sense of all this? How do we stay current and relevant; making the best use of different generations, tools, mindsets, economies and rapidly evolving markets and trends, all at the same time?

This course shows a clear roadmap that will help you navigate your way through the complex challenges that face us today in the ever-changing business environment. With invaluable insights, useful case studies and practical tips, we show you how individuals and institutions can develop agile capabilities to grow strategically in such challenging environments.

Session Titles:

  1. The New Realities: Competition vs Disruption
  2. What is Disruption?
  3. Why Disruption Happens
  4. The Early Threats
  5. Why Do Companies Ignore Threats?
  6. Why Do Companies Find it Difficult to Respond Appropriately?
  7. How to Get Companies to Respond Appropriately
  8. How Should Leaders Respond Strategically
Course Length

Minutes: 132
Sessions: 8
Actions: 75

Content Creator

Prof Neo Boon Siong

Prof Neo has 38 years of experience in accounting and finance, information systems, strategy, research, business consulting, management education and corporate governance. He has served on government committees and corporate boards. He received a Public Administration Medal (Silver) from the President of Singapore in the 1999 National Day Honors Awards.


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