Why do Asians Avoid Conflict?

Conflicts are part of the normal experience of living and working with people, even those closest and dearest to us. Yet we are often perplexed at the subtlety and complexity of how conflicts are played out.

In this program, we will:

  • Appreciate the nature of conflicts.
  • Why do Asians avoid conflict?

Session Titles

  1. First Things First
  2. Conflicts are Natural
  3. Conflict is Neutral
  4. Absence of Conflict is Not…
  5. Most Conflicts are Irresolvable
  6. Why do Asians Avoid Conflict?
  7. Preserving the Ego
  8. Power Distance Gap
  9. The ‘Beating-Around-the-Bush’ Factor
  10. Taking it Personally
  11. Are you aware of Why Asians avoid Conflict now?
Course Length

Minutes: 80
Sessions: 11
Actions: 80

Chief Content Creator

John Ng


Serene Chua