Unleashing Greatness

This series is about YOU and how you can unleash your greatness. It is not about doing, but BEING.

In the courses that follows, we will explore:

  • What greatness is;
  • Your motivation for greatness;
  • The ingredients of greatness, and how to unlock greatness in you;
  • How greatness can escape you;
  • How to begin the journey to greatness;
  • How to sustain your greatness; and
  • How to recover from failure.

Session Titles

  1. First Things First
  2. You can be great!
  3. Nurture Character
  4. Enjoy Healthier Family Life
  5. Nurture Friendship
  6. Deliver Values and Results
  7. Develop People
  8. Develop Successors and Systems
  9. Recover From Failures
  10. Be Humble
  11. Leave a Legacy of Great Values
  12. Care for the Community and the Environment
  13. Are you aware of Unleashing Greatness now?
Course Length

Minutes: 158
Sessions: 13
Actions: 116

Chief Content Creator

John Ng


Angeline Koh