The Leader Who Made the Impossible Possible

Idris’s story began in the most impossible of situations. From when he was born, he lived through many hard times.

Hence, to be given the opportunity and be recognized for the transformation processes and record profits for SHELL and Malaysia Airlines, is a huge milestone in his career.

In addition, being chosen by Bloomberg as one of the top ten most influential policymakers in the world is nothing short of a miracle.

In this course, you will follow some of his accomplishments and his wise words for transformation to take place in any organization. Through Idris’s learning journey, we hope you will:

  • See things from a new and fresh perspective
  • Challenge your beliefs and practices of what you used to think or have thought about yourself or your organization
  • Adopt new strategies to practice when you lead change in your organization
  • Inspire you to do the impossible!

Session Titles

  1. Who is Idris Jala?
  2. Challenge Yourself with the Impossible
  3. Anchor on the True North
  4. Discipline of Action
  5. Situational Leadership
  6. Winning Coalitions
  7. Divine Intervention
Course Length

Minutes: 58
Sessions: 7
Actions: 58

Content Creator

Dr John Ng

Dr Ng is Chief Passionary Officer, Meta Consulting, specializing in leadership development and hospitality consultancy. His expertise includes leadership coaching, team effectiveness and change management. He has over 25 years of consultancy and training experience with top corporations, academic institutions and NPOs. He also founded Eagles Mediation & Counseling Centre.


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