Unleashing the Greatness in You

Unleashing the Greatness in You : Unleashing the Greatness in You features 10 facets that will help you become a more effective leader in your personal and professional life. In this course, we will explore:

-How you can develop your character and values while society is seeking to derail you.
-How you can change your perspective about yourself and develop greater self-awareness and self-management.
-How you can earn the respect of people; even those who don’t believe in you, and those who oppose you.
-How you can find your own voice and drown out the noises that distract and discourage.
-How you can discover your flow.
-How you can nurture your passion and drive to do what you are called to do.
-How you can be emotionally healthy.
-How you can sustain your energy and lead for the long haul.
-How you can learn to recover from moral failures and restart your life again.

Session Titles

    1. You Can Be Great!
    2. Nurture Character
    3. Enjoy Healthier Family Life
    4. Nurture Friendship
    5. Deliver Values and Results
    6. Develop People
    7. Develop Successors and Systems
    8. Recover From Failures
    9. Be Humble
    10. Leave a Legacy of Great Values
    11. Care for the Community and the Environment
Course Length

Minutes: 210
Sessions: 11

Content Creator

Dr. John Ng

Dr Ng is Chief Passionary Officer, Meta Consulting, specializing in leadership development and hospitality consultancy. His expertise includes leadership coaching, team effectiveness and change management. He has over 25 years of consultancy and training experience with top corporations, academic institutions and NPOs. He also founded Eagles Mediation & Counseling Centre.