Leadership in Crisis Management & Why Do Asians Avoid Conflict?

Leadership in Crisis Management : Crisis management is becoming more relevant and important to today’s businesses – with the growth of social media, damaging news would be made public within minutes. This course gives you all you need to know to prepare for the inevitable, from industrial accidents to environmental disasters, and protects your organization from the devastating impact of potential crises.

Session Titles

    1. What is Crisis Management?
    2. Stage 1 Preparation & Planning
    3. Stage 2 Mitigation & Recovery
    4. Stage 3 Resolution & Improvement
    5. Leadership in Managing a Crisis
    6. Learning from Past Pitfalls
    7. Effective Crisis Communications

Why Do Asians Avoid Conflict? : Conflicts are part of the normal experience of living and working with people, even those closest and dearest to us. Yet we are often perplexed at the subtlety and complexity of how conflicts are played out.

So why do Asians avoid conflict? Many Asians acknowledge that they are predisposed to conflict-aversion and capitulate to individuals with higher authority or greater power. Children acquiesce reluctantly to parents when they are younger, but they may turn into irrepressible monsters when they are in their teens.

Session Titles

    1. Conflicts are Natural
    2. Conflict is Neutral
    3. Absence of Conflict is Not…
    4. Most Conflicts are Irresolvable
    5. Why do Asians Avoid Conflict?
    6. Preserving the Ego
    7. Power Distance Gap
    8. The ‘Beating-Around-the-Bush’ Factor
    9. Taking it Personally
Course Length

Minutes: 225
Sessions: 16

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Leadership in Crisis Management
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Why Do Asians Avoid Conflict?
Dr. John Ng

Dr Ng is Chief Passionary Officer, Meta Consulting, specializing in leadership development and hospitality consultancy. His expertise includes leadership coaching, team effectiveness and change management. He has over 25 years of consultancy and training experience with top corporations, academic institutions and NPOs. He also founded Eagles Mediation & Counseling Centre.