Preventing Self-Sabotage

In course 1 and 2 of Preventing Self-Sabotage, we examine 10 issues that most books are loathe to deal with, like sex and greed. Unless we confront these obstacles, we can never become great leaders because we will be derailed by them.

I believe that we can overcome these issues if we are honest about them, confront them and rise from ashes like the proverbial phoenix.

Session Titles

  1. First Things First
  2. Preventing Self-Sabotage
  3. How You Can Deceive Yourself
  4. Stay Authentic
  5. How You Can Be Choked by Societal Values
  6. Focus on Integrity
  7. How You Can Love the Dark Side of Success
  8. Remain Humble
  9. How You Can Ignore Your Weaknesses
  10. Confront Your Weakness
  11. Transform Your Weaknesses to Strengths
  12. How You Can Become a Misfit
  13. Finding Your Fit – WANT
  14. Finding Your Fit – CAN
  15. Finding Your Fit – SHOULD
  16. Be a part of the NEXLeaders Movement
Course Length

Minutes: 240
Sessions: 16
Actions: 171

Chief Content Creator

John Ng


Angeline Koh