Is My Money Enough?

Are you constantly worried about whether you have enough money? Do you believe that being a millionaire is the answer to happiness?

You may be surprised to learn that many rich people do not enjoy financial freedom. The way to true financial freedom starts with a shift of your money mindset, from scarcity to abundance.

This course will help you to find new ways to reframe your views on money and its role in your life. Set yourself up for financial success with these mindset shifts that go beyond math.

Session Titles

  1. Rule #1 Freedom vs Independence
  2. Rule #2 Spend Below Your Means
  3. Rule #3 Avoid Buying on Credit
  4. Rule #4 How to Invest for the Long Term
  5. Rule #5 ‘Get Rich Quick’ Is Not an Option!
  6. Rule #6 Don’t Get Caught Off-Guard
  7. Rule #7 Do Something Meaningful
Course Length

Minutes: 73
Sessions: 7
Actions: 69

Content Creator

Benny Ong

Benny is a veteran financial adviser and author who entered the insurance industry in 1967 and after 23 years, set up his own company and pioneered a fee-based advisory for personal and business financial planning in Singapore. Benny has been regularly interviewed over the years by the local business media, including The Business Times and SES Journal (renamed in 1999 as Pulses) published by the Singapore Stock Exchange Asia.


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