How to Speak so People Really Listen

We can all talk. The challenge? Getting people to listen. Whatever your objective is, you may have the expertise and experience, or the passion and professionalism. But you could lack one crucial thing:

The ability to communicate your message in a compelling way that causes your audience to sit up, take notice and listen.

For you to be a good communicator, it’s important to adapt your mindset and messages so they resonate.

You can expect these learning outcomes from the course:

  • Fix public speaking mistakes that undermine your presentation
  • Capture your listeners’ attention
  • Make your audience laugh
  • Be a master storyteller
  • Be a confident public speaker

Session Titles:

  1. Part I: Great Sins of Speaking
  2. #2 & #3 Great Sins of Speaking
  3. #4 & #5 Great Sins of Speaking
  4. #6 & #7 Great Sins of Speaking
  5. Part II: Great Ways to Speak so People Listen – Ways 1-2
  6. #3 & #4 of Great Ways to Speak so People Listen
  7. #5 & #6 of Great Ways to Speak so People Listen
  8. #7 & #8 Great Ways to Speak so People Listen
  9. Part III: I’m Glad You Asked
Course Length

Minutes: 89
Sessions: 9
Actions: 83

Content Creator

Paul McGee

Paul McGee is one of the UK’s leading speakers on change, workplace relationships and motivation. His book SUMO (Shut Up, Move On) became an instant bestseller. He has appeared on BBC television and is a regular contributor on BBC Radio. He has spoken to over 1,000 organizations in 41 countries.


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