How to Sell Without Selling

If you’ve landed here looking to change your sales focus and drive new revenue, welcome! In this course, we will discuss practical strategies to structure your sales processes and transform your sales methodologies through selling value, not products.

Value selling strives to benefit the customer throughout the sales process. By putting the needs of your customers first, you create an anticipation for the positive results and benefits of enjoying your product.

This is important because people don’t buy things; they buy the results the item/service will provide them. Value-based selling is a disciplined approach, employing selling techniques across their entire sales and marketing funnels.

At the end of the course, you will emerge a greater sales person as you uncover the secrets of:

  1. Winning new customers through effective sales prospecting
  2. Increasing sales revenue by solving customers’ pain points
  3. Delighting and retaining long-term customers by employing the Sales Cycle
  4. Building rapport and relationships with loyal customers

Session Titles:

  1. How To Sell Anything
  2. Sales Tips – Keys to a Positive Sales Attitude
  3. Sales Prospecting
  4. Networking & Referrals
  5. Different Facets of Selling
  6. Sales Cycle: Stages #1-4
  7. Sales Cycle: Stages #5-7
  8. Sales Cycle: Stages #8-9
  9. Sales Cycle: Stages #10-11
Course Length

Minutes: 81
Sessions: 9
Actions: 81

Content Creator

Phoon Yew Sang

Phoon Yew Sang was with ING Insurance Berhad for 14 years, having served as a Senior Director in the Employee Benefits Division for the last 3 years. He has managed corporate insurance programs for reputable corporations such as Digi, Ericsson, ExxonMobil, IBM, Intel, Petronas, Texas Instruments and Western Digital. He has also been invited to share his extensive experience at the Asian Financial Congress in Singapore and IGP Pooling Conference in Boston.


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