How to Lead High-Performing Teams

It is amazing to have a high-performing team to lead – it also means you have to be on top of your game to continuously motivate and bring the best out of them while consistently challenging them to improve and evolve to navigate the breakneck speed of change in our turbulent world.

Session Titles:

  1. Talent is Not Enough
  2. Transforming Leadership
  3. Enhancing Relationships
  4. Aligning Roles and Responsibilities
  5. Managing Systems and Processes
  6. Scouting for Potential
  7. How Do We Develop Talent?
  8. The Critical Number Two
Course Length

Minutes: 139
Sessions: 8
Actions: 109

Chief Content Creator

Dr. John Ng

Dr Ng is Chief Passionary Officer, Meta Consulting, specializing in leadership development and hospitality consultancy. His expertise includes leadership coaching, team effectiveness and change management. He has over 25 years of consultancy and training experience with top corporations, academic institutions and NPOs. He also founded Eagles Mediation & Counseling Centre.


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