How to Build Your Personal Brand

Whether you like it or not, you have a personal brand. How you look, talk – what you watch, how you work, what people say about you, everything associated with you; your beliefs, what you post on social media, and who you follow on Instagram. Literally everything makes up your personal brand – whether it’s your social or professional persona, you have a unique brand.

You may eschew this as frivolity and consider yourself as above others’ opinions of you, but the truth is that in this day and digital age, before you are invited to a job interview or even considered as a volunteer in a non-profit, there is usually a quick Google search to find out more about you.

Use this powerful tool of personal branding to your advantage and control the narrative about you than let it take its own unfettered shape and form!

Session Titles:

  1. What is Personal Branding
  2. Why Should I Bother?
  3. Personal Branding Gone Wrong
  4. Taking Inventory of Current Assets
  5. Your Target Audience
  6. How to Make it Work
  7. The Key Values of Personal Branding
  8. Bringing Your Brand to Life
Course Length

Minutes: 143
Sessions: 8
Actions: 81

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Leela Jesudason

Leela Jesudason is a top marketing communications strategist with extensive experience in growing and developing various global brands in both regional and international contexts. She has worked as a publicist for celebrities in the region and has helped develop and refine personal brands for luminaries during this rapidly evolving digital age.


Leela Jesudason