How to Break Toxic Conflict Habits

In this program, we will unlock the mystery of the ‘hidden dragon’ inside us. We will find out the toxins in our lives that can escalate conflicts and make effective conflict management almost impossible. These ‘dragon toxins’ include:

  1. ‘Face’ and ke qi
  2. Shame and shamelessness
  3. Power and powerlessness
  4. Pride and arrogance
  5. Jealousy and envy
  6. Anger and rage
  7. Resentment and unforgiveness
  8. Lust and addiction
  9. Passion and ambition
  10. Greed and self-interest
  11. Stress and stressors

Session Titles

  1. First Things First
  2. ‘Face’ and Ke Qi
  3. Shame and Shamelessness
  4. Power and Powerlessness
  5. Pride and Arrogance
  6. Jealousy and Envy
  7. Anger and Rage
  8. Resentment and Unforgiveness
  9. Lust and Addiction
  10. Passion and Ambition
  11. Greed and Self-Interest
  12. Stress and Stressors
  13. Are you aware of Dragon Toxins now?
Course Length

Minutes: 165
Sessions: 13
Actions: 165

Chief Content Creator

John Ng


Serene Chua