Great Parenting: Myth or Reality?

We all want the best for our children. However, parenting is the toughest assignment. Bringing up great children seems to be a myth rather than a reality.

You can be a great parent. You can bring up great kids, if you put in the time and energy to nurture them. For a start, you must know what kind of children you want to bring up. Only when you know that, then you will know how to nurture these children.

Without knowing them, you will be going in blind.

Over the years, this is what we have discovered most parents want for their children:

  • Zest for Life: Twinkle in their eyes
  • Healthy Values: Solid as Gold
  • Grateful to People: Attitude of Gratitude
  • Deep Friendship: Ties that Bind
  • Enquiring Mind: Absorbing Sponge
  • Compassion for the Poor: Heart of Gold
  • Rebounding Spirit: Building Resilience
  • Posture of Humility: Eat Humble Pie

In this course, you will learn and explore these important traits, which will help your children thrive and become great.

Session Titles

  1. Bringing Up Great Children
  2. Healthy Values: Solid as Gold
  3. Thankful Spirit: Attitude of Gratitude
  4. Rebounding Spirit: Building Resilience
  5. Compassion for the Poor: Heart of Gold
  6. Posture of Humility: Eat Humble Pie
Course Length

Minutes: 96
Sessions: 6
Actions: 71

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