Emotion, Personality & Self-Esteem

As a layman, it is not easy to understand how our brain and neurosciences affect our daily lives as individuals. It is even more complex to appreciate how our brain affects us as leaders. Don’t fret as help is here!

Emotion, Personality & Self-Esteem features a clear and simple explanation on how our brain works and affects us as leaders. You will also learn tips on how to develop a healthier brain and build stronger self-esteem, so that you can be a better leader at home and in your organization.

Session Titles:

  1. What Is Going On Inside Our Brain?
  2. Woes Of An Over-reactive Limbic System
  3. The Secure Leader
  4. The Insecure Leader
  5. How To Take Care Of Your Brain?
  6. The Do-Learn-Grow Model
  7. 5-Finger Mindfulness: Deep Breathing & Openness
  8. 5-Finger Mindfulness: Focusing on Positives, Living in the Present
Course Length

Minutes: 89
Sessions: 8
Actions: 89

Content Creator

Dr Ang Yong Guan

Dr Ang served as a psychiatrist with the Singapore Armed Forces for 17 years, retiring as Colonel and Head, Psychological Care Centre at the Military Medicine Institute. He has served as President of Singapore Psychiatric Association, Founder Chairman of Action Group for Mental Illness, and member of various government health committees.


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