Dim Sum for Great Marriages

Dim Sum for Marriages

Designed for busy couples, and to be enjoyed in small, bite-sized acts of love and kindness, this course outlines critical principles that build a great marriage in a fun, interactive way.

Part 1
Session Titles:

  1. First Things First
  2. 14-day Touch-the-Heart Challenge
  3. No Honey and No Moon
  4. What Breaks a Great marriage?
  5. F1 Distorted Values
  6. F2 Work-Life Pressures
  7. F3 Doing Little or Nothing
  8. F4 Rising Expectations
  9. F5 Temptations Are All Around
  10. F6 Perseverance is A Drty Word
  11. F7 Little or No Competence
  12. F8 Exasperating Living Habits
  13. F9 Power of the Emotions
  14. F10 Pride Gets In the Way
  15. Great Marriage: A Perspective
  16. Enjoyed Your 14-day Dim Sum?
Course Length

Minutes: 120
Sessions: 16
Actions: 127

Chief Content Creator

Dr. John Ng


Angeline Koh