Coaching for Peak Performance

Coaching for Peak Performance

Learn how to be a great coach to enhance overall team performance in your organization.

This program aims to:

  1. Rekindle the leaders’ passion for coaching;
  2. Retool the leaders’ competence in coaching; and
  3. Enable the leaders to recommit themselves to their team members.

Learn the 5Cs of Meta Great Coach Model – Character, Clarity, Competence, Consistency, and Commitment to coach for peak performance.

Session Titles

  1. First Things First
  2. The Power of Coaching
  3. Character: The Power of Relationship
  4. Clarity: The Power of Excellence
  5. Competence: The Power of Affirmation
  6. Competence: The Power of Feedback
  7. Competence: The Power of Adaptability
  8. Consistency: The Power of Recovery
  9. Commitment: The Power of Possibility
  10. 7 Powerful Tips for Coach and Coachee
  11. Your Feedback Matters
Course Length

Minutes: 120
Sessions: 11
Actions: 98

Chief Content Creator

John Ng


Serene Chua