Am I A Toxic Leader?

All of us who lead and manage others want to be leaders and managers that people trust, respect and follow.

As leaders, we need to recognize that we are all toxic to a certain degree and in different ways. We, who have started off well, can morph into a toxic leader. We can be actively toxic or passively toxic.

This course will help you to take an honest look at your leadership and how you can be a healthy, life-giving, and energizing leader, by understanding and managing your level of toxicity as a leader. Dive in and be on your way to becoming a great leader for your team or organization!

Session Titles:

  1. Toxic Leadership Is Everywhere
  2. Good vs Bad Boss
  3. How Toxic Are You? 1
  4. How Toxic Are You? 2
  5. How Can I Manage My Level of Toxicity?
  6. Developing Leadership Values & Character
  7. Dealing with Toxic Leaders
Course Length

Minutes: 63
Sessions: 7
Actions: 63

Content Creator

Michael Tan

Michael Tan, President of Eagles Communications, oversees the core programs of the organization as well as strategic planning and leadership decision-making. He is on the faculty of Eagles Leadership Institute (ELI) and has spoken at international conferences, seminars and retreats in Singapore, West and East Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and China.


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