7Ups to Personal Effectiveness

Each day, we expend energy and resources achieving our goals, but there are different ways of achieving the same goal. Some may do it in a sloppy or time-consuming way, while you may achieve your goals efficiently with skilled execution.

This course outlines clear ways in which you can increase your personal effectiveness, develop habits and strategies to enhance personal and professional lives for peak performance. Embark on a journey with us to make small changes and reap big results!

Session Titles:

  1. Wake Up
  2. Look Up
  3. Reach Up
  4. Lift Up
  5. Wise Up
  6. Fire Up
  7. Act Up
Course Length

Minutes: 85
Sessions: 7
Actions: 79

Chief Content Creator

Jeffrey Goh

Jeffrey Goh is the Principal Consultant of Training Link Resources, specializing in communication and training. He has trained with Civil Service Institute, National University of Singapore, Management Development Institute of Singapore, Thomson Multi-Media and many others. He has also lectured at SIM (RMIT) Bachelor in Business Administration for 10 years.


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