10 Critical Principles in Parenting

Bringing up great children is the hardest work in the world. It takes a lot of sacrifice, demands our maximum effort, takes up a lot of resources, and requires our utmost attention.

You will feel discouraged and may feel like failures, or you may even fail. There will be occasions you feel like giving up. To add salt to the wound, children can often be ungrateful. They seldom thank you for your sacrifices!

But when you do it right, it brings incredible joy. It is one of life’s most fulfilling moments when you see your child grow up.

10 Critical Principles of Parenting features 10 tried and true insights that will help you develop capabilities to parent your children in an increasingly challenging world where children are influenced by so many factors, especially via social media and other digital platforms.

Session Titles

  1. Principle 1: Monkey See, Gorilla Do
  2. Principle 2: Marriage Matters
  3. Principle 3: They Want Your Presence, Not Presents
  4. Principle 4: Relationship is More Important Than Issues
  5. Principle 5: Create An Environment of Possibility
  6. Principle 6: Be Interested in Their Interests
  7. Principle 7: Nurturing Their Passions
  8. Principle 8: Help Them Cope with Failure
  9. Principle 9: Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously
  10. Principle 10: Affirm Them
Course Length

Minutes: 118
Sessions: 10
Actions: 86

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